Flip a Deck Relay


A deck of cards


Up to 4 patrols per deck of cards - use more decks if needed.

Separate the cards into a suit per patrol.

Patrols line up at one end of the play area while their 13 cards are shuffled and laid face down at the other end, about 50 feet away.

On 'GO', first scout in each patrol runs down and flips over one card in their group. If it is the 2, it stays faceup and the scout flips another. When an out-of-order card is flipped, the scout flips it back facedown and runs back.

The next scout is tagged and runs down, trying to find the 3, then 4, then 5, ...

The winner is the patrol to have all their cards face up and all scouts at the start line.

Communicating which cards are known helps a team work together. After running through it once, allow patrols to make a plan and try it again.


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