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Dungeon Breakout




Mark a starting line and a finish line.

Split into two teams.


One team is blindfolded - they are the Dungeon Wall. They line up across the room with each scout's feet spread apart and touching the foot of the person next to them.

The other team is on the starting line and their job is to burrow under the Dungeon Wall and escape.

The Dungeon Wall team have two booby traps that can spring and catch someone trying to escape - their hands which are held at shoulder height.

When a Dungeon Wall player believes someone is trying to burrow through, the player can reach down with one hand to tag the burrower. If the burrower is touched, that player is captured and thrown in the castle tower and the booby trap can be reset. If there is no escapee there or is missed, then that booby trap is no longer usable and must be held behind the Wall player's back.

After a set time, about 3 minutes, tally the number of escapes and captures and switch sides.

One point for each escape and one point for each capture. The patrol with the most points wins.

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