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Wadenhoe Scout Camp Site - This green field site sat on the banks of The River Nene is leased to Nene Valley Scout District.  The site gives you the ideal opportunity to do some true style camping.  The site has running water, a cess pit and a camp fire circle. 


Please note that Wadenhoe Camp Site is only for the use of Scouts and Guide Groups and other Youth Organisations. It is not a public campsite.

For more information please email Pauline at


Wadenhoe Scout Campsite

Campsite Rules

The site rules of Wadenhoe are to ensure your safety and making sure your visit doesn’t leave an impact on the environment which we need to treasure.

This is not an exhaustive list, so please view the site’s risk assessment as well and, of course, your own. 


Wadenhoe Camp Site is what it is ‘a green field’ and subjected to whatever nature has done to it so ‘be prepared’!


Wadenhoe Camp Site is only for the use of Scouts and Guide Groups and other Youth Organisations. It is not a public campsite.


Site rules


• Please ensure no one stands or swings on the gates or fences.


• All campers must wear footwear at all times, no bare feet or just socks because metal pegs or stinging things!


• No surface fires or solid fuel types stoves anywhere on the camping grass, all must be off the ground. All campfires are either in ‘Alters’ (Half oil drum for example) or campfire circle.


• All campers are expected to have firefighting provision, with a minimum standard of sufficient filled fire buckets of water and a fire blanket, particularly around cooking area.


• No smoking on campsite, this is restricted to outside the camp field near the cattle grid gate. 


• No gas lights, gas stoves or fires inside sleeping tents. Observe safe distance between cooking tent and sleeping tents.


• Fresh drinking water can only be taken from the drinking tap and not the cess pit flush tap.


• Both taps must not be used for any washing up or washing or cleaning teeth because the running water fills the tank up and also wastes water.


• All campers must pitch 3 metres away from hedgerows and the cesspit areas, and 5m from main gateway and avoiding access routes. No group or person can take ownership of the water and cesspit area by camping around it even if you are the only ones there.


• You must take all rubbish including food waste home with you. Please use waste segregation as you would at home and ensure there is a waste and transport provision for your rubbish.


• All grey water (cooking and washing up waste water) must be tipped through a filter such as a colander or stocking lined bucket, into the hedgerow and not anywhere on the grass areas and definitely no pits to be dug!


• All toilet waste to be disposed down the cesspit shoot and flushed down with the hose provided there. Please use disinfectant or bleach carefully and ensure the water pressure is not too high causing splashing. Personal protective equipment is advised.


• Please ensure all pegs are accounted for and picked up at the end. Such items can cause damage to the grass cutter.


• If you are given a code for the locks please keep it to yourself and when unlocking make sure the number is scrambled so that no one else can see it. 


The grass is cut as frequently as possible which is subjected to the weather and availability of the farmer during hay making season of June. Please understand that you can't have a lawn it is what it is a grass field. Thank you.

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