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1st Irthlingborough Cold Camp

Despite snow earlier in the previous week, Scouts and those Cubs coming up to Scouts, braved the cold. Fortunately, the rain kept away with all the Young People and most of the Leaders sleeping out in tents. The Group has very adequate equipment for this climate recording minus 3 degrees overnight! The highlight of the camp was to prepare (pluck, skin, draw) pheasants and cook them by using a 'home made' BBQ over an open fire and also making Pheasant Stew...... A new taste for most of the campers and enjoyed by nearly everyone!

In addition to some camp competitions, the Scouts learned how to cook a meal without utensils, preparing eggs, making camp damper-bread and chocolate bananas. Sincere thanks to the Leader Team and Helpers - and thanks to the good sunny weather we had no really wet equipment to dry out!

---- 1st Irthlingborough Leadership Team ----

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