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Supporting Young People to Move on to the Next Section

Here is some useful information to help you transition your young people into the next section...

Retention of young people is key to running a successful Scout Group. As leaders it is important that we encourage and support young people to continue their journey in Scouting.

Each section offers new challenges and activities, along with badges and awards to earn. The Scouting Programme is designed to be progressive through the sections, with young people developing their skills as they move on.

Planning ahead can ensure that young people move at the right time for them, and flexibility in the age ranges offers the opportunity for young people to move up with a small group of friends. It may sometimes be appropriate to extend the flexibility in moving from the Beaver, Cub, or Scout sections, for young people with additional needs.

It is important to establish and maintain links between the sections (in both directions) to give young people the support they need when moving on. For example, the transition between Scouts and Explorers may be more challenging, due to Explorers existing at District level, so it is really important that Explorer Scouts are visible in the District and visit local Scout Groups.

Below we have listed some practical things that all Leaders can do to support young people moving between the sections.

General tips for Leaders

  • Regularly update your Group Scout Leader on who in your Beaver, Cub or Scout section is getting ready to move on.

  • For more information, talk to your Group Scout Leader if you need assistance connecting with other sections in your Group for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Your District Commissioner can point you in the right direction when helping to transition from Scouts to Explorers, and Explorers to Network.

  • Attending District and County meetings or events will give you the opportunity to meet leaders in your local area.

  • Joint activities, run together, help members of both sections get to know each other and feel comfortable with others outside their own section.

  • For young people who need a bit of extra support in preparing to move on, our visual resources may come in use. They are available with or without symbols, on the Print Centre. The resources are easy to understand and can help to put young people at ease when thinking of making the big move. These may be particularly useful for a young person with additional needs or a young person on the autism spectrum, as this often involves increased anxiety about change or new situations.

  • The youth resources for each section provide key information for the young person, about their new section.

For more information on Section specific changes visit

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