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Day 7 - Menin Gate

Today was a very relaxing but proud day.

The start of the day we were just travelling to Ypres. It wasn't the easiest journey as we had to get 3 trains and a replacement bus to get to Ypres, so it wasn't until 2pm we arrived.

To get to the campsite we walked through the centre of Ypres and through the Menin Gate. We took a moment to read a few names. Among them was Lieut Colonel Edgar Mobbs. He played for Northampton Saints and went to Bedford Modern School. Mobbs was killed in action during the third battle of Ypres while attacking a machine gun post.

We eventually made it to the campsite and then prepared ourselves for the most important part of the day. We were due to lay a wreath at the Menin Gate. We had previously posted our Scout shirts and the wreath to the campsite to avoid them being ruined in our bags after a week.

It will be something that we will never forget. The lead band of the day was 1st Claygate Scout band. As we queued up to lay our wreath the last post was played by 4 Buglers and the hair on our arms stood on end. The sound echoing throughout the arches was haunting. We were all very proud to be able to part of the ceremony. The whole experience was emotional, thinking about where we have been and all those who fought so that we could be here today.

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