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Day 10 - The Last Post

The last day! We started off by packing away camp for the last time and making our way down into Ypres. We stopped off at a cafe to have a coffee and some breakfast. While we were here we started on our presentation, writing down where we had been, what we had see, and what we have learnt.

The time eventually came to leave Ypres and Belgium, so we got the train to Lille.

On arrival in Lille we had arranged to meet up with some local Scout Leaders. We met Adrian and Margaux, who are a similar age to us. They showed us around Lille and some of the major sites. We found a nice spot outside the Cathedral to have a drink and a chat about all things French and English and the differences between Scouting.

We found out that they call leaders 'Chiefs', and the chiefs wear the same colour shirt as that of their Section.

We parted way at the train station where we had to catch the Eurostar back. In the waiting lounge there was a foosball table where we had a mini tournament where Matt was the champion.

To sum up our Explorer Belt, it has been a really humbling experience, good fun, and eye opening. Good luck to all those who take on the challenge.

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