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Day 2 - Corbie or Corby?

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Day 2 was a simple day, just involved a lot of walking with heavy bags. We started the day by heading off into the centre to buy some bus tickets so that we could get to Decathlon.

We needed to go to Decathlon to buy some gas for our stoves as we were not allowed to take gas onto the Eurostar. It was also an opportunity for Dan to stock up on a mess tin and cutlery.

Now we had everything we needed we could start our walk to Corbie (Not Corby in Northamptonshire!)

Our route was to follow the River Somme all the way from Amiens to Corbie. Along the way we kept getting the feeling we were being followed. A boat on the river was always either just behind us or just infront.

We passed through a couple of small villages each with their own memorials to those village members who had fallen during the Great War.

We finally arrived into the campsite at Corbie. Once the tents were up it was time to go to the shop to get dinner and breakfast. One of our challenges is to compare Corbie and Corby. On our way to the shop we found that Corbie has a Castle, Abbey, and a very large church.

Back at the campsite we cooked our dinner and all were exhausted so it was an early night!

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