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Day 1 - Zero Hero

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

The day started at Bedford Station catching the 08:45 train to St. Pancras.

Navigating through Security at the Eurostar in St. Pancras was a breeze, even with the French border control officer wanting to be anywhere but there.

The Eurostar train was smooth with few people in our carriage. We played a new card game to pass the time.

Arriving at Lille we were greeted to Europe's largest flea market. There were a lot of people people lining the roads selling a range of items, from old books and toys to antiques and food.

One of our challenges is to compare old photographs of streets to now, so we visited a street which had now been converted into flats.

While in Lille we were recommended to try mussels and French fries, so we did! A whole bucket of mussels to share with Matt never having them before.

Our next journey was to Amiens on a double decker train!

Once in Amiens, we took a walk around the centre finding different images of ww1 printed onto the walls of buildings.

We found a French restaurant by the River Somme and ate another French delicacy, Escargot! The Marmite du Pecheur did not contain marmite but did contain fish soup!

There have been several people already asking about our neckers and what we are doing. We met an Australian Scout Leader visiting the memorials in the area.

We finished the evening by walking back through Amiens to our accommodation for the night. Ready for a day of walking tomorrow.

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