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District Beaver Log Chew

Sunday 16th February saw Beavers coming to the District Log Chew. We had 5 Beavers that represented 3 groups. The County Youth Commissioner & Deputy County Youth

Commissioner also attended, and I was helped by Becky from 4th Rushden.

We started off with a getting to know you session and what we will be doing that afternoon. The first activity we did was to do a video diary, everyone sat in front of a camera and told us what they liked in Beavers. Then we did various activities these were:

  • Agree – Disagree

  • Edible Democracy

  • Scouting Sketch

  • Lego Models.

The Beavers came up with badges they would either like to see or do, these are:

  • Magic

  • Lego

  • Maths/Numbers

  • Kindness

  • Potions

  • Life Circle

  • Helpful

  • Space

  • Climbing

  • Gaming

  • Board games

They said they would like badges for the activities above.

We also had some games & these were run by Becky. At the end of the Log chew, we had a closing talk and the Beavers were given their YouShape badge.

Fred Harris – ADC Beavers

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